About us

Qualitative boutique

Atelier: The point of difference


Only senior researchers, more than 10 years in the market, with an extensive marketing experience
Strategic vision
Unique combination of market knowledge and intuition

Tailored Approach

Each project unique – project design tailored to particular research objectives
Expert support prior to project: distilling research objectives, optimizing stimuli etc


‘More value per moment’
Compact ‘just right’ study design
Benefiting from expert knowledge to minimalize fieldwork
Pre-sencitizing consumer through pre-tasks for effectiveness of the fieldwork


On-going cooperation with the client
Flexible, attentive to client’s needs and desires


Green room

A nicely decorated focus group facility with a homey atmosphere
Has a viewing client space for up to 7 people
With a nice small coffee area nearby
Focus Vision enabled

Blue room

An elegant focus group facility
Has a client room for up to 10 people
Focus Vision enabled
With a small kitchen nearby, which is handy for product tests


Respondents’ space and recreation area

A welcoming meeting room for respondents  A nice recreation area for a breath of fresh air




We are working online till January 2021. Stay safe!

+7 (495) 646 0622